frances thomas



 Hi welcome to my site.

My attic studio looks out over Dartmoor and it is inevitable that the natural beauty  is a vital  source of inspiration.  I also have a special attachment to  the Isle of Mull in Scotland which I visit as often as possible. Yet I do not see myself as a landscape artist. I tend to hone in on visual details such as twig and leaf patterns against the sky or the mesmeric movement  in Dartmoor streams, tree shapes and rocks. Then there is the wildlife. The characterful ponies, cattle  and sheep outside our gate are irresistable to draw.  Occasionally I see deer, foxes and interesting birds. My sketchbooks are filled with scraps of visual and associative ideas: perhaps a shell, a bleached sheep skull from the sea, or a quizzical look in an animal's eye. 

As part of an  MA in Art History, my dissertation focussed on Alberto GIacometti during his few years with the Surrealist Movement. I was especially keen to examine his own interest in individual perception. Giacometti's note books were a revelation ( armed with a good french dictionary)  as to how he struggled to shape his personal perceptions into the visual language of his culture.

Art history theory constantly informs and refreshes my practice.  There is something quite surreal and unearthly about Dartmoor. 

Unless marked otherwise,  my work is for sale. I do not put prices on because one day the art works  may be in a folder and another day mounted or framed. So do not hesitate to make an enquiry or send a  message.  I am always interested in how you may  read and respond to my work.



BA Hons  Philosophy , PGCE , M ED Special Education, MA Art History.


Exhibited work in

South West Academy Open Exhibitions, Exeter and Plymouth 2002, 2003

Slade Gallery Gillingham Dorset Solo and shared exhibition 2002, 2003

Art Mill Gallery Plymouth 2007,2008

Solo Exhibitions through Drawn to the Valley and Open Studios Devon 2004-9

Bookstop, Tavistock 2008-9

Limekiln Gallery Calstock 2009

Food Dreckly, Tavistock   2009 and Autumn 2010

Tavistock Arts Festival 2008, 2009

Royal William Yard , 'Love' exhibition 2009 

Duchy Square Centre for Creativity 2009-10

South West Crafts, Tavistock , Summer 2010

South West Crafts, Tavistock, Spring 2011

Solo exhibition, Clearbrook, Summer 2012