frances thomas

Portfolio: Sea inspired

Impressions of the colours and movement of the sea

Pilgrimage to Staffa

I think of the novel by Virginia Wolf 'To the Lighthouse' when on Mull; waiting for the weather to be right for the trip to Staffa island. It is the scottish rocky crown. The cave is filled with echoes, the strata folding in layers of time to this day.

(The canvas is 3 cm depth.)

Oil on canvas
120cm x 80cm

Gribbin find II

Another treasure like an embroidered purse. This is created with inks and gouache. It has in an off white mount.

13cm x 10cm

Gribbin beach treasure I

The old rusted chain and intricate patterned shell are treasures to paint. The more you study the more beautiful they become.
This is in an off white mount.

16cm x 21cm

Shell flung from the sea II

In off white mount.

Mixed Media on paper

Shells flung from the sea I